Beleidskwessie kan Suid-Afrika pootjie

Published by Rebecca on Wed, 04/24/2013 - 11:18

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At the plenary session, Professor Timm Hoffman, director of UCT’s Plant Conservation Unit, gave an overview of the changing patterns of rural land use and land cover in South Africa over the past 100 years, explaining that human activity, together with a decrease of livestock in certain areas, has triggered dramatic changes in the landscapes. In turn, Professor Maano Ramutsindela, also of UCT, talked of the difficult-to-reach balance between global conservation strategies and the demands of land reform. “In order to preserve biodiversity, we need to connect,” he said. Professor Jacklyn Cock of Wits University then had the audience at the edge of their seats with her talk on The Green Economy: A sustainable development path or a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’, arguing that the green economy, which she described as the “financialisation” of the functions of nature, is merely another tool to benefit the world’s major industries. And, drawing the plenary to a close, Professor Phil Woodhouse of the University of Manchester spoke on an emerging trend brought on by land redistribution and restitution – that of the move from farming in the classical sense to one of farm management.




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