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Prof Jacklyn CockProf Jacklyn Cock is a Professor Emerita in Sociology and Honorary Research Professor at Wits University. She works in the Society, Work and Development Institute (SWOP) and has published widely on issues relating to gender, environmental and militarisation issues. Her best known works include Maids and Madams: A Study in the Politics of Exploitation; Going Green: People, Politics and the Environment; Colonels and Cadres: War and Gender in South Africa; From Defence to Development: The Redirection of Military Resources in South Africa; Rainbow Nations and Melting Pots: Conversations about Difference and Disadvantage; and The War Against Ourselves: Nature, Power and Justice. Her current research focus is on the relation between the labour movement and struggles for environmental justice.

Abstract for Plenary Panel

The ‘green economy: a sustainable development path or a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’?

The ecological crisis is deepening. Despite 18 years of multinational negotiations there is no binding global agreement on the reduction of carbon emissions. In fact, carbon emissions are rising which means climate change is intensifying and having devastating impacts – particularly on the working class – in the form of rising food prices, water shortages and crop failures. Scientists agree that Southern Africa will be the worst affected.  It is frequently claimed that the a shift to a ‘green economy’  can   address the crisis and provide a low-carbon, resource efficient and socially inclusive development path.  The alternative view is that it is a form of ‘green, unsustainable  capitalism’ intent on appropriating the climate crisis through new technology and expanding markets while avoiding  fundamental change.


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